About Us

Our story begins 13 years ago when founder of Milletech started building beautiful handcrafted exhaust systems for road and race cars. He wasn’t satisfied with quality, durability, and precision that exhaust were made back then. Because, all his life he has worked and still works for pharmaceutical and food companies in his family company Nicro. Producing top off the line stainless steel equipment.

Nicro is a family owned Croatian company, with three decades long tradition in process engineering and manufacturing of process equipment. Our company has been established as one of the legal successors of Milk industry Zagreb, and since then we have been serving food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry for more then 37 years. Our name, derived from Ni-Nickel and Cro-Chromium, states that we are specialized for work with stainless steel materials that correspondes to quality requirements for equipment used in pharmaceutical , chemical and food industry. For more than 37 years nicro has worked with the industry to develop the key customer requirements and achieve reliability, performance and regulatory compliance.

But there was something that he liked more than anything …

From early age he was a car enthusiast. Only few people understand that type of love. And that’s where everything started. Sadly for his wallet. He invested all his knowledge and spare time in building exhaust systems. CNC milling and turning machines are now creating beautifully designed billet mufflers. Robots are welding like never before and polishing machines are enhancing quality of craftsmanship. The complex and fairly delicate manufacturing process is under human control every step of the way.



Owner & Founder of Milletech

Nikola Milakovic