External wastegate muffler

We developed a muffler for turbo applications. It is a billet lightweight external wastegate muffler. Weights under 1 kg’s and has an option for three different types of connection. V-band , Slip on and weld on connection. It also comes in two different sizes, small and big, 170 & 140 mm center housing.


  • Ultra lite EWG muffler , weights only 0.9 ks or 1.98 lbs
  • Made from special grade billet stainless steel
  • V-band , slip on , weld on connection
  • Fits directly to Tial mvs & mvr v-band wastegates
  • 38 , 44 , 50 mm inner perforation sizes
  • 170 & 140 mm outer shell size
  • 84 mm outer diameter
  • Acousta fill 1000 degrees capable packaging
  • Robotic Tig Welded
  • Polished ,brushed or raw finnish


Billet construction

Milletech engineering team took 3kg of stainless steel and machined it to be the lightest hi-heat handling muffler on the market. After 10 hours of machining, welding and polishing MT30 wastegate muffler is produced.
They offer superior flow with no backpressure resulting in a quieter exhaust tone. Every bit of our muffler is CAD/CAM designed so it can be strong, light and durable exactly where it needs to be.


Weight is probably most important thing in racing. Our goal was to keep weight under one kilogram and we have spent over 2 years on R&D to achieve that. Stainless steel is great for heat handling and strength. End caps are machined to 1.5 mm thickness and center housing is only 0.6 mm thick.
This can only be achieved on a CNC machine due to precise tolerances and CAD/CAM design.
Mounting something that is heavy on a hot glowing exhaust manifold just wasn’t acceptable.

Robotic TIG welded

Every car enthusiast knows that robotically welded material is the only way that exhaust should be welded. It is expensive and demands high tolerances and clean environment but the end result is the best that can be achieved in welding. Hi speed welding is only possible with a robot and no human hand can be that precise and calm. Speed in welding is very important because excessive heating can weaken the material and make it breakable. Robotic TIG welding ensures that every Milletech muffler is exactly the same quality and no differences are made.

Hi-temp resistible

Small and heated engine compartments are not the best places to mount something that needs to be big, but doesn’t fit, so it has to be very small and heat resistant. Having that in mind we needed to find something that is resistant to hi-heat and can withstand temperatures coming from turbo exhaust manifold. We needed something that is thin, light and durable but absorbs as much unwanted sound as it can.
Acousta fill ZT1 was exactly what we needed. It can withstand 900 degrees Celsius and doesn’t need any protection on perforated pipe. This results in more sound absorbing material around perforated pipe, so a small muffler can be effective as big muffler. ZT1 packing expands on initial heating and fills every tight place in a muffler so no air gaps are possible. There is no loss of particulate or short fibres through perforation often associated with spun rock fibres and staple glass fibre wool.

Special grade SS

Choosing a right material for this job wasn’t easy. 304 and 316 stainless steel just wasn’t enough for us. Aluminum is too weak and doesn’t stand this much heat. Titanium was not needed because we achieved the strength and weight with something that is very similar but way more affordable.
So special grade Stainless Steel was chosen. When machined correctly it can be very light and hi-heat resistant without warping and braking.

Strait through design

There is no power loss with our mufflers and no backpressure. They are straight through mufflers.
We design it so no obstacles are in the way of exhaust gases. Perforated tube and end caps are the same internal diameter. It’s very important not to make backpressure on wastegate outlet so that turbo pressure can be fine regulated.

Plug and play

Our products are designed to be easy and quickly mounted to your car without any knowledge of welding or cutting. All you need to do is order our slip on muffler and slip it over your wastegate outlet pipe and enjoy quieter sound and fire protection with no power loss. Now you can drive hard and have no fear of attracting unwanted attention.
There is also a weld on type and v-band type for easy mounting. Those are ideal if you are building your project from scrap and you want to route pipes differently. Milletech muffles are direct fit on Tial mvs and mvr wastegates so if you run Tial EWG just connect them and you’re ready to go!

Contact us for pricing . All mufflers are IN STOCK !